Zane Morris

Zane Morris is a guitarist based in Brooklyn NY. Performing solo for over a decade, his playing has come to be defined by a structured, ecstatic, and sparse form of minimalist guitar. Formerly known as Tint, Morris delivered his final blistering LP “Ricochet Screen” in 2018 during the concluding era of the notorious experimental label Root Strata. Following a debilitating workplace injury and eventual rehabilitation, Morris has re-emerged abandoning his alias in a more tempered playing style. Though classically trained and raised on underground hardcore, Morris has made efforts to invert aural domination. His new work counters past approaches via a tranquil distribution of simmering motifs in a style transfixed on his training as a bell ringer at Trinity Church in Manhattan and his friendship with guitarist Loren Connors. Forging a new path untethered from recitation of any new release, the live setting is an ideal opportunity to witness the ongoing evolution of Zane Morris’ unique contribution to the minimalist canon.

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Berlin , New York, 25 Avenue A, 10009, NY, US
Mon 15 Apr - 07:30PM

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