Zachery Allan Starkey (ZAS)

Zachery Allan Starkey is a New York City based composer / musician / producer whose contemporary, forward thinking production and songwriting work is compared by critics to pioneers New OrderGiorgio MoroderPatrick Cowley, and Lou Reed. Starkey collaborated with Bernard Sumner, leader of  New Order, and founding member of Joy Division , on his critically acclaimed longform LP, FEAR CITYwhich features Sumner providing synthesizers, guitars, drum programming, and additional production on the anthemic club track "Force", and the darkly powerful "Fear City". In addition to Starkey’s collaborations with Sumner, the ongoing FEAR CITY project also features the new  sleek Disco House hit “No Texting on the Dance Floor”, the symphonic Techno single “XXX”, the deeply personal Post-Disco epic “Solitaire”, the dystopian Techno nightmare of  “No Security”, the Mutant Disco “Bright Future’”, the chrome Industrial “Coked Up Biker Anthem” (remixed by legendary Berlin producer Mark Reeder), and the Synthpop protest song “Fallout”. Starkey uses elements of Techno, Post-Punk, Electro, Disco, and Industrial on FEAR CITY to make a firm, powerful musical statement about the modern world, looking towards an increasingly dystopian future, which has garnered rave press reviews across the globe. 

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