Nina Luna

Nina Luna is, simply put, a force of nature. Born into the mystery of the hills of New England, raised on the spirit and the myths of the North Country in Minneapolis, she cut her teeth on legends of artists come before and forged her own path through the bright lights and dive bars of New York and Los Angeles. The unique influence of her bond with these places comes through in Luna’s music - a natural mysticism and sacred sensuality combine with a lust for life and a fiery edge into a shape-shifting alt-pop sound. Her lyrics are honest and vulnerable while her production is often cinematic and otherworldly, her voice at once ethereal and powerful. Like the elements, Nina Luna is hard to pin down and not so easy to define yet that captivating allusiveness is exactly what keeps the listener coming back for more. 

Nina Luna’s 6-song EP Wish You Were Here was released November 29th, 2023. She currently resides in Minneapolis where she writes, records, produces and mixes her own music at home. She also performs frequently solo and with her backing band, delivering a fun and engaging, emotional show for her rapidly expanding hometown fan base.

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