Kelley Swindall

KELLEY SWINDALL born and raised in Stone Mountain , Georgia. As the daughter of a conservative evangelical US congressman, the only music Swindall was permitted to listen to while growing up were of the Golden Oldies, Classic Country, and Contemporary Christian variety. It was the former two that excited her soul, with their story driven narratives, heart on their sleeve lyrics, and timeless melodies, which weaved themselves into her musical fabric. Part Patsy Cline & Part Dolly Parton, w/ original songs in the story-telling tradition of Hank Williams,  Johnny Cash, and Bob Dylan, Swindall is equally at home in a biker bar or under a proscenium arch, she sings about the stuff classic country ,folk, and blues music is made of: heartache, heartbreak, redemption, and revenge , filtered through a sassily southern perspective.

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