Bustié is a Dark-Electro project formed by primary artist Angie Padilla aka Pogo Pope. Heavily influenced by 80's Freestyle / Electro, UK Punk, and Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation 1814," Bustié craft a sound of sociopolitical conscious dance music that they coin as "Anarcho Body Music." With lyrical content touching on issues such as LGBTQ+ Rights, Transgender empowerment / livelihood, and the freedoms of BIPOC, Transgender artist, Angie Padilla calls forth action and attention in her songs to these subjects.

Their debut album "Birds of Paradise" was released on CLIMAX! in June of 2019.

Bustié has headlined stages and festivals such as DTLA PROUD, sCUM, Substance,  Manufactured, Luna Negra, Adverse Fest and played with acts such as Kim Ann Foxman, HIDE, Void Visions, Linea aspera , Actors, Plack Blague, Head Wound City, Geneva Jaccuzi and Xiu Xiu.  

Their new single "Design The Desire" ft Hether Fortune of Wax Idols is out now to end the "Birds of Paradise" era and welcome us into something new. "Design the desire, was a track written in celebration of the fluidity of gender, sex, and expression," says writer and track producer, Angie Padilla.

Originating from Los Angeles, California, Bustié now resides in Brooklyn, New York. With recent lineup additions by Summer Perlow, formerly of hardcore punk band Soakie. Bustié also includes live collaborations with Heather Galipo (crowjane, egrets on ergot, prissy whip) Rosa Castillo, Gina Kuhn, and Romy Hoffman (ROMY, Agender.)

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