Ilan, Very Fast Car, Neuro Fuzzy, Lukey16
Fri, Dec 1 @ 6:30 PM (Doors: 6:30 PM )
21 and up
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Ilan is a multi-instrumentalist who plays only one instrument: the human ear. He spent his childhood experimenting with piano keys and guitar strings and the strange magic they stirred in his own ear. Urged by the supreme discomfort of uncreativity, he gradually transitioned from an after-school, homework-avoiding, neophytic composer to an auto-didactic COVID-escapist and artist-producer. Ever the anachronist, ilan weaves present, past and future into an eclectic aural landscape characterized by rich crescent waveforms and saturated phonovoltaic textures. A wordsmith in his own right, his lyrics evoke the same sensitive, melancholic nonchalance common among his doe-eyed, environmentally-apocalyptized generation. He is a bare-maximalist, a psychedelic realist, an apathetic iconoclast, an introspective optimist, an architect of invisible design, and an expert in nothing, in particular.

Very Fast Car is 3 boys in Brooklyn. You might have seen them around Bushwick. Maybe not.

Neuro Fuzzy is a 3-piece band based in Brooklyn that jams in the fuzz-folk, spooky surf, grunge-gaze sphere of sounds. 

Lukey16 is a singer-songwriter living his lil heart out in Brooklyn with his roomates/band, Teeball. Enjoy.