The Prof.Fuzz 63

The Prof.Fuzz 63 is a north Dallas-based lo-fi fuzzed-out post-punk garage-psych guitar + organ + drums trio that's been described by one listener as the "love child of Tom Waits and the Supersuckers." They’ve been singing songs about pandas, owls, orcas, aliens, nudists, soccer moms, deadly toys, paper airplanes, Mark E. Smith, Nick Cave, and such since 2014. Six full-length albums, two EPs, and some random compilation tunes document the band’s weirdo vibe, but they’re way better live, with over 300 shows across Texas, the midsouth, midwest, and east coast under their minivan wheels. 
Berlin , New York, 25 Avenue A, 10009, NY, US
Wed 22 May - 08:00PM

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