The Planes

The Planes are an indie rock band founded in Brooklyn, NY, back in the summer of 2010 by songwriter, singer, and guitarist Stephen Otto Perry. Since then, Perry has relied on a rotating cast of musicians to craft no-nonsense indie jams of varying levels of excellence. To date, there have been over 25 musicians to perform as members of the band. Currently, the band consists of Don Lavis, the powerful drummer who performed on the upcoming album Dark Matter Recycling Co., and Jackie Peronne, who played bass on 2017’s Wax Diamond. Through the years, the band has chugged along deep under the surface, earning a rep for deft songwriting, electric live performances, and tight musicianship (occasionally loosened by inebriation). An efficient, well-oiled indie rock machine that has never ridden a bandwagon or chased a trend, they have crafted a voice and vibe that is unmistakably theirs, despite existing in an ultra-crowded genre. With a very small, but very loyal fanbase, The Planes have become favorites at Brooklyn’s more obscure DIY spots (Pet Rescue, EWEL), while occasionally playing bigger shows at spaces like Shea Stadium and the Knitting Factory.

There are currently no upcoming events.