Navel Grazr

navel grazr: Anjali Nair began navel grazr in 2019 as bedroom songwriting side-project: a no-pressure creative refuge from her busy life as a vocalist/guitarist in NYC-area bands Dog In A Man Suit, Endearments, and Joyce. She surreptitiously released a few demos, from the sardonic garage-pop number "Glum (Turning 25)" to the 70s-inspired "Borderlander" with no intention of taking the project "aboveground" or out of her apartment. However by 2023, as Nair leaned into a more vulnerable songwriting approach, she felt that the navel grazr material deserved a bigger, more expansive sound. She joined forces with producer/multi-instrumentalist Dominic Dellaquila of Project Diem, whom she had met through a mutual friend. Together, they paired Nair’s deeply personal songwriting with Dellaquila’s atmospheric instrumentation to create a signature sound that mixes dark dream pop with moody, cinematic soundscapes. The duo will be joined by Billie Seeland (bass) and Jack Weiss (drums) for live shows in 2024 to coincide with the release of their debut EP, "Elegies" in April 2024.

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