Options is the debut LP by the experimental punk group, BIG BAND, hailing from Brooklyn. Drawing inspiration from the gritty '80s underground scene typified by Our Band Could Be Your Life bands, this album intricately weaves a musical tapestry reminiscent of Creation Records and SST bands, subtly touched by the nuances of art-rock. It deftly sidesteps nostalgia through its innovative approach and modern sound, thoughtfully produced by Connor Hanwick of "The Drums." Spanning just 25 minutes, the record encompasses ten tracks designed to immerse the listener in a futuristic dystopian world, inviting contemplation of contemporary social and political tensions in a subtly provocative manner.their Forthcoming Single "Ensues" finds a band in a sound that reflects the chaos of the past, With themes that are relevant to this day and continue pointing us to a future that has yet to be written.

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