Alex Zhang Hungtai x Greg Fox x Michael Beharie

After retiring his project Dirty Beaches, Alex Zhang Hungtai has been focusing on explorations of improvised music, Free Jazz, and his new role as a composer. His newer compositions predominantly work with saxophone, synthesizers, percussion and piano, furthering his research on ritualistic music of liminality. Besides his solo work, he is also a member of a Free Jazz/experimental trio with Portugese minimalist/architect David Maranha, and Free Jazz Drummer Gabriel Ferrandini in Lisbon. Living in New York City, Zhang currently works as a composer for film soundtracks, along with acting in independent films.

Greg Fox is a New York City born-and-bred drummer, multidisciplinary artist, and teacher. He has played on and released 49 records since 2008, including his work with Liturgy, ZS, Ben Frost, Colin Stetson, Skeletons, Hieroglyphic Being, Man Forever, and others, as well as with his own solo work and his projects GDFX and Guardian Alien. Fox has toured worldwide with various groups and collaborations, held residencies at The Clocktower NYC and was awarded “Best Drummer in NYC” by the Village Voice in 2011. Currently spending 2016 for the most part at home in NYC, he is working on new collaborations and compositions, teaching individual and group drum lessons, and exploring new territory as a solo artist, using a hybridized electroacoustic drum setup to explore new dimensions through the traditional gestures of the modern drummer and the possibilities inherent in electronic and computer music.

Michael Beharie is a musician based in New York City. His music sits at the imagined intersection between sound system culture, pop transmission and free improvisation. Michael’s latest efforts include the song-cycle EP Voices, three film scores for Dutch artist Melanie Bonajo and a duo piece for himself and cellist Teddy Rankin-Parker. Beharie performs regularly in and outside of NYC and recently joined avant-noise outfit ZS.

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