12090 AD

From the visionary drummer, composer Tim Kuhl “captivating, harrowing, and gorgeous bodies of work” (Pop Matters) 12090 A.D. blends evocative instrumentals, nostalgic-pop sounds from the 1980s, neon tinged aural aesthetics, post rock, and all the epic drama of the big screen. 

As a sideman, Kuhl has worked with a diverse list of artists such as Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl (The GOASTT), Margaret Glaspy, Satomi Matsuzaki (Deerhoof), Zola Jesus, Madison Cunningham, Ondara, Jounce (feat. Danny Tamberelli), Sophie Auster, Domino Kirke, and many others. 

Berlin , New York, 25 Avenue A, 10009, NY, US
Fri 10 May - 08:00PM

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